Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding & Human Rights Support

Each school board in Nova Scotia has a position known as the Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding and Human Rights Coordinator (RCH).  The purpose of this role is to provide supports in schools for students of African Nova Scotian and/or First Nations, Aboriginal, or Inuit ancestry.  This is done with the help of the Student Support Workers and school support liaisons.  Our goal is to support our students and to raise awareness of the diversity within the South Shore throughout the year and within all schools.

As RCH Coordinator this year, one of my goals as outlined within the boards Strategic Plan is to help raise the awareness and support students and families that self identify.  If you have self identified, there are many supports within the schools for your student(s).  Another part of my job is to help parents and students feel comfortable in their culture and backgrounds enough to self identify.  If your child is of African Nova Scotian and/or First Nations, Aboriginal, or Inuit ancestry and have not self identified at your school, but would like to, please contact your school.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the RCH coordinator or your schools student support worker if there is one.

Thank you and I look forward to working with schools this year and raising awareness about cultural pride.
Lamar Eason
RCH Coordinator

What is the purpose of the Student Support Worker Program:
With the growth of the Student Support Worker Program, a rapport has developed between students and Support Workers.  The goal this year is to build the collaboration of the RCH coordinator and Student support workers within schools and the community. Support Workers function as resources, role models and mentors. There are benefits for students and parents/guardians to self-identify for themselves and their children. Some of these benefits are as follows:
- to provide academic supports such as access to tutoring
- to provide support and understanding of ones cultural background and the diversity within schools
- to inform students about designated seats and programs at post-secondary institutions and on-site visitations to universities and community college
- to provide African Nova Scotian and Mi?kmaq students with scholarship and bursary information specifically for them
- to provide employment equity opportunities for students such as with the RCMP, firefighting, apprenticeship programs, internships, and summer programs, etc.
- to provide leadership opportunities (cultural groups, school trips, sports camps, leadership camps, conferences, etc.)
- to collect and provide data on student achievement specific to the African Nova Scotian and Mi?kmaq students and support a rationale for additional support services
If you have questions please contact your school or the SSRSB RCH Coordinator, Lamar Eason.

Lamar Eason
RCH Coordinator,
South Shore Regional School Board